Bus transportation

    Tartu County bus transportation

    • Fasten your seatbelt in the bus! It is mandatory.
    • Tartumaa Public Transport Center organizes bus transportation in Tartu County. We do not organize bus transportation within the city of Tartu
    • To travel on county lines, you can buy a bus ticket from the bus driver with cash or a credit/debit card. If you travel regularly, it’s worthwhile to purchase a bus card called “Ühiskaart”. This card can be loaded with money for payment on the bus. Period tickets can also be purchased on the Ühiskaart.
    • The Tartu city transportation is managed by the city of Tartu, more information is available here.
    • The information phone number for county buses is +372 5213 555.

    Schedules and departure times

    Tartu maakonna bussipiletid

    • Schedules are available on the national information portal peatus.ee.
    • Public transport cards (Ühiskaart) are sold on AS Hansa Bussiliinid buses and at sales points – Tartu Bus Station, R-kiosks, and Selver stores and costs €2.
    • You can also buy a bus ticket on the bus with cash or a credit/debit card.

    General information

    Persons entitled to free travel

    • Persons up to 19 years of age and from the age of 63, including the mentioned ages.

    Scooters and bicycles in rural buses

    • Although Tartu county buses are intended for passenger transport, it is advisable not to bring (electric and stunt) scooters, (electric) bicycles, or (electric) scooters. This can only be done in case of an exceptional and unavoidable need, and with the agreement of the bus driver. Any bicycle must be folded and covered. The passenger’s task is to ensure that the carried bicycle or scooter is securely in place, does not move inside the bus, does not stain or scratch the interior of the bus or passengers, and does not obstruct anyone. It must be kept by the passenger at their seat. The decision to allow or not allow a bicycle on the bus is made by the bus driver based on the bus’s occupancy and safety. A passenger with a compactly folded bicycle enters the bus last and only if there are available seats.
    • Some buses serving Tartu County bus lines have a bicycle rack on the rear exterior. Bicycle transport service is only provided on certain routes, and information can be found on the Tartu County Public Transport Center’s website. The service is available from May 1 to October 31. A bicycle spot must be reserved by calling 521 3555 at least 4 hours before the bus departs from the starting stop.

    Pets on the bus

    • Pets must be safe for fellow passengers. If possible, use a cage. Muzzles are mandatory for dogs. For small lap dogs, the owner must ensure the safety of the animal and fellow passengers.


    • The luggage owner is responsible for ensuring that the luggage is safe for fellow passengers, does not obstruct the bus’s entry and exit.

    Other important information

    • If there are available free seats, it is mandatory to take a seat during the journey. Standing is allowed only if all seats are occupied!
    • Buses use stop buttons to signal the desire to disembark.